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Sepia Screen – Birth of a Vigilante

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[I realized I need a more creative output, sure I like writing film reviews but I have ideas for so many stories and scripts, short or long, shallow or deep, instead of starting a serperate blog I have decided to start a segment called Sepia Screen, to write down whatever I feel needs to be.]

  Corruption is the modern plague that infects our society; politicians, icons and even the long arm of the law. All appear to deliver what they have promised, when in reality it’s just a façade. The power lies in the hands of the highest bidder, the one with the most ‘mula’ . Criminals live like kings in prison, walking out and back in as they please. Heroes are only so by name, their pockets have been deepened and they follow the orders of the ones that pay. Sure no one appears to suffer besides the one no is around to speak for, the ones who can not afford face time with the media without fear of persecution, the one victimized by thieves, rapists and murderers, since at the end of the day they are all owned by the gangs. The police have become corrupt, sure some honest, clean ones still survive but they too know if they step out of their bounds into enemy territory no one can protect them, not the law they protect, not the community serve, hell not even the partner they treasure, for all you know he might be the one who plants the bullet in the back of your cranium.

          Those who can afford it live in comfort and without fear, most live without any realization of the strings being pulled around them, specially not the ones serving the corporate sector, the ones who feel the brunt of the corruption are the small shop and business owners who must pay the protection money. Saving for a rainy day ? Hoping to survive this intense depression ? Let me make it easier for you, give me a large portion of your profits and my men won’t  slit your throat, rape your family and ransack your house.

         I refuse to sit back and watch as this happens, I refuse to be forced to follow the rules of society, I refuse to let the rain come down on the ones who have no roof, watch out corrupt world, the shit is about to hit the fan. I am not the embodiment of fear, I am not the symbol you want to believe in, I am not the protector of justice, I just want to do what’s right. I am Crow. If you see a man walking down the road in a dark tan trench coat, a scarf around his neck and a matching Fedora keep your distance, I know that will be hilariously difficult since that is half the office goers on the street but that only means one thing, I can be anybody, I could be the man behind you in the line at Starbucks, the one reaching for the same DVD as you in Blockbuster, the same man trying to wave down the taxi next to you. I’m watching you and if you step out of line, if I see you on the verge of hurting another innocent that’s when I strike. I won’t ask you silly questions like, ‘You talking to me ?’ like in Taxi Driver; I won’t wear a silly mask like Rorshach in Watchmen; I am not an ex-boxer like Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction, you will not see me coming and you will not see me leave.

That’s enough bullshit for today, the monologue needs to end. I need to do something more than just this. My gun is in its holster, the clock has struck 9, the sun has gone down and my hour has come. I know you can hear me, I know you just heard me, you can see me pulling out my pistol. You can see down the nozzel as I apply pressure to the trigger and I smile as the job is done.  A grin spreads across  my lips as I walk out of the half built sky scraper, they will find him in the morning,  should drive them into utter panic. He may be my first, a corrupt public defender, it was the last time he got Dio off the hook, the last time, hope this will let him know, that I am coming for him next and his gang but they will not be my last.


Good Will Hunting (1997) – A reel to treasure

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I was shocked the other day when a friend of mine said she had just watched Good Will Hunting after her father had told her to, okay in the 90s we were too young to appreciate or watch such films, but this is a movie our generation must watch. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it or had watched it till last year. Okay being close to the end of my teenage years I probably have matured enough to not be into just the flick with the most explosions, the most blood or the hottie with the most exposed skin. Yet I am shocked no one had recommended this film to me before. Okay maybe not many people are as big Robin Williams fans as me to have jumped to my PC as soon as my friend mentioned a film with him in it, I scrolled through quiet a few good ones to get here, another viewing of Patch Adams, Dead Poet Soceity and August Rush(another movie I will address at a later time.).

When I got to Good Will Hunting my eyes widened and my jaw dropped, in spite of being the supporting actor(and winning an Oscar for it), this is probably one of Robin Williams’s best roles yet- a troubled Psychology professor.  After watching this piece of cinematographic art, Matt Damon jumped from just another Hollywood actor to one of my top five and Robin William’s reinforced his position there.

The name of the film is slightly miss leading, I expected it to be a feel good movie about Matt Damon or Robin Williams helping each other or the community out with acts of ‘good will’ like Mimi Leder’s Pay It Forward, starring one of my favorite actor’s Kevin Spacey. Anyway back to the film, the focus of the film is Will Hunting(Matt Damon), a young man earning his living through manual labor by day as a janitor in the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology and spending his evenings with his three close friends of a similar background one of whom is played by Ben Affleck.

Will from the very start is portrayed to have a fairly anti-social behavior with a tendency to get into fights. But what he brilliantly keeps a secret is his genius intellect and is shown solving mathematical problems meant to challenge MIT students and unlike most he decides to fade back into the shadows making all wonder who the mystery man or woman is. Long story short, he gets seen by the professor, runs away, gets into a fight the following weekend, ends up in jail and is bailed out on one condition(by the aforementioned professor), he must turn up for a session of mathematical problem solving every week and see a therapist. Will agrees but his rebellious nature and his rude behavior drives most away psychologists away tiiiiill……………(you guessed it !!) Robin Williams enters the scene and the movie becomes really ‘deep’.

2 Academy Awards and 1 Golden Globe is less than what the movie deserves,  brilliant acting by all the leading roles, including the female lead who I didn’t feel the need to mention, her role should be left for audience to find out and I am not that big a fan. Gus Van Sant’s direction is amazing and the script is absolutely beautiful and here is the shocker, the fact that was almost impossible for me to swallow. The script was written by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. So they are not just actors paid to read the lines, they wrote the lines and did it much better than most can. Enough said, I shall leave you to ponder the fact while you watch the movie, for the first time or again. It is a must for any film lover’s collection and has won its seat in my top 5 . The play on words in the title will mean something to you at the end, I’m sure of it. Get it, watch it, love it.

From the desk of a film addict.

Life is Beautiful (1997)

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Good day blogosphere, today 6th July I start my first blog post, my blog will be like many out there but I’ll try for it not to be.

My posts will be about films from all around the world, no I am not a film critic, I just love movies, Hollywood, Bollywood, Japanese and French and am constantly looking to broaden my horizons. If I watch a film I like and I feel is worth writing about, I shall. I am not a proffessional, so my insight into camera work will not be great but I shall do my best to keep you reading.

Let me start with a movie not many know of, but I hope people who read this will be inspired to watch it.

I had never heard of this film or its director and star Robert Benigini. I must say his direction and acting his brilliant, it will bring tears to your eyes with the heart wrenching and simultaneously heart warming script by him and Vincenzo Cerami.

The film is set in the years preceding World War 2 and carries on into it. It revolves around a Jewish man named Guido who starts as a waiter in the Italian city of Arezzo, with dreams of starting a bookstore. The first quarter of the movie is simple and hilarious as he attempts to woo a young local school teacher(who on further research turned out be Bengini’s real wife Nicoletta Braschi !!) which turns out to be a challenge. The daughter of a rich aristocrat and engaged to be engaged to  a civil servant of her social standard, with the life of a ‘principessa’ as he lovingly calls her. Yet like the hero of every movie his comic antics cause her to fall for him, they climb onto a green horse and trot out of her engagement part to his Uncle’s palatial manor. The movie has a further feel good aura as the years pass till the Nazis roll in and the story progresses…the key points being a concentration camp, Guido’s lovely charm and his adorable but annoying young son. Bengini’s acting from here on will make you amaze you and his direction will make your jaw drop a couple feet as he tries to keep his son from feeling the pain and hardship of a concentration camp and hides him from the soldiers so he isn’t gassed like the rest. The film shows the extent a man can go to, to protect his family and make them feel secure even at times of intense hardship.

The movie is a must watch for all who call themselves a movie lover. Neither his family nor the audience is allowed to feel the misery in the concentration camps since he constantly keeps an element of humor running through the film, in the first few scenes Benigini’s direction will almost make you forget the obvious path the film is supposed to take. The playful and comic images and moments in a clearly depressing climate even make the cloudy days seem bright.

Life is Beautiful is feel good movie in every sense of the term and was my introduction to Italian cinema(don’t worry there are plenty of dubbed versions around). A Grand Jury Winner at 1997 Cannes Film Festival and incomparable to films based around similar circumstances- Schinder’s List, The Pianist. The movie ends with a heart warming feeling rather than a heart wrenching one, inspite of everything you see happening around the three primary characters, they are so well portrayed and lovable, the audience is in constant fear of losing one of them while they shed tears from the sorrow and joy in the brilliant piece of cinematography. I’m sure you will appreciate the title when the credits roll, so watch it.

From the desk of a film addict.