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Sepia Screen – Birth of a Vigilante

Posted in Crime, Dark, Fiction, Film, Prose, Vigilante, Writing with tags , , , , , , , on July 8, 2011 by reeljunkie

[I realized I need a more creative output, sure I like writing film reviews but I have ideas for so many stories and scripts, short or long, shallow or deep, instead of starting a serperate blog I have decided to start a segment called Sepia Screen, to write down whatever I feel needs to be.]

  Corruption is the modern plague that infects our society; politicians, icons and even the long arm of the law. All appear to deliver what they have promised, when in reality it’s just a façade. The power lies in the hands of the highest bidder, the one with the most ‘mula’ . Criminals live like kings in prison, walking out and back in as they please. Heroes are only so by name, their pockets have been deepened and they follow the orders of the ones that pay. Sure no one appears to suffer besides the one no is around to speak for, the ones who can not afford face time with the media without fear of persecution, the one victimized by thieves, rapists and murderers, since at the end of the day they are all owned by the gangs. The police have become corrupt, sure some honest, clean ones still survive but they too know if they step out of their bounds into enemy territory no one can protect them, not the law they protect, not the community serve, hell not even the partner they treasure, for all you know he might be the one who plants the bullet in the back of your cranium.

          Those who can afford it live in comfort and without fear, most live without any realization of the strings being pulled around them, specially not the ones serving the corporate sector, the ones who feel the brunt of the corruption are the small shop and business owners who must pay the protection money. Saving for a rainy day ? Hoping to survive this intense depression ? Let me make it easier for you, give me a large portion of your profits and my men won’t  slit your throat, rape your family and ransack your house.

         I refuse to sit back and watch as this happens, I refuse to be forced to follow the rules of society, I refuse to let the rain come down on the ones who have no roof, watch out corrupt world, the shit is about to hit the fan. I am not the embodiment of fear, I am not the symbol you want to believe in, I am not the protector of justice, I just want to do what’s right. I am Crow. If you see a man walking down the road in a dark tan trench coat, a scarf around his neck and a matching Fedora keep your distance, I know that will be hilariously difficult since that is half the office goers on the street but that only means one thing, I can be anybody, I could be the man behind you in the line at Starbucks, the one reaching for the same DVD as you in Blockbuster, the same man trying to wave down the taxi next to you. I’m watching you and if you step out of line, if I see you on the verge of hurting another innocent that’s when I strike. I won’t ask you silly questions like, ‘You talking to me ?’ like in Taxi Driver; I won’t wear a silly mask like Rorshach in Watchmen; I am not an ex-boxer like Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction, you will not see me coming and you will not see me leave.

That’s enough bullshit for today, the monologue needs to end. I need to do something more than just this. My gun is in its holster, the clock has struck 9, the sun has gone down and my hour has come. I know you can hear me, I know you just heard me, you can see me pulling out my pistol. You can see down the nozzel as I apply pressure to the trigger and I smile as the job is done.  A grin spreads across  my lips as I walk out of the half built sky scraper, they will find him in the morning,  should drive them into utter panic. He may be my first, a corrupt public defender, it was the last time he got Dio off the hook, the last time, hope this will let him know, that I am coming for him next and his gang but they will not be my last.